Making Learning Visible: Understanding, Documenting, and Supporting Individual and Group Learning
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Current Essential Questions

We have identified four essential questions to guide the work of the MLV Seminar over the next two years. The first three questions articulate overarching themes for our work; the fourth question addresses our goal of making this work more accessible to educators in general.

  1. Individual and Group Learning
    How do learning groups form, function, and demonstrate understanding?
  2. Documentation
    How can documentation support, extend, and make visible individual and group learning (and deepen our understandings about teaching and learning more broadly)?
  3. Culture, Values, and Democracy
    How does this work help us to understand and address issues of equity and diversity in relation to individual and group learning in our classrooms and schools?
  4. Dissemination
    How can we help each other and other educators enter into this work?

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